Construction Instructions for Road Tiles

Construction Instructions for Road Tiles(道路砖施工说明)

1.Paving onto flexible paver base: lay 25-50mm inch of sand onto the smooth, compacted( at least 90%) road base, and then pave road tiles on the top. Fill the joints between tiles with soft sand.

2.Paving onto semi-rigid paver base: apply water and sand mix (ratio 1: 7) onto the smooth, compacted road base, with 30-50mm depth. Then pave road tiles on the top. Fill the joints between tiles with soft sand. Lastly, spill some water on top of the tiles, which would go through the surface and strengthen the adhesiveness between tiles and the base.

3.Paving onto rigid paver base: similar to the method as semi-rigid paver base, but water and sand mix to be 1:2 and 30mm.


a.Tiles are brittle. Treat with extra care while handling.

b.To avoid tile scum, use river sand while paving.

c.To avoid unwanted tile moving during paving, fill the joints with sand and continue timely then move on to the next tile, instead of filling the joints after the entire paving process.

d.Do not use salt to melt the ice. Though salt does not erode the tiles but the joints, which might create scums on the tile surface. The alternative is to spread some sand for anti-skid purpose.

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