Construction Instructions for Wall Tiles

Construction Instructions for Wall Tiles

Construction method of ceramic external wall tile

1.Material: adhesive for Ceramic tiles (or cement), caulking agent for ceramic tiles (or cement: mortar, 3:1), water, ceramic wall tiles.

2.Tools: Cutting Machine, trowel, level, foundation, chalk line, rubber sheet, sponge

3.Construction steps:

A.Base Crouse Treatment: Find the leveling layer of the corner according construction requirements; make sure it¡¯s waterproof.

B.Construction surveying: sort the tiles according to the batch number; ensure the tile joint between tiles to be around 12-15mm; according to the paving and design requirements, sketch out the frame line on the dry leveling layer.

C.Tile Treatment: though our tiles are in premium quality, it¡¯s still recommended to soak the tiles in clean water for 4 hours before using.

D.Preparation for adhesives:

1.Adhesive: Water= 4:1

2.Stickiness: it should not be too diluted, no dripping when used is recommended.

3.Calking agent should be slightly dryer than adhesive.


Construction method of ceramic external wall tile


1.Paving: apply the adhesive to the back to the tiles with trowel; ensure the entire surface is applied evenly; pave them onto the wall according the frame line set out earlier.

2.Caulking: apply caulking agent with plasterboard, or alternatively apply by pressing. Avoid smearing onto the tiles

3.Pointing: pointing starts after caulking; the depth of pointing should be 3-4mm away from the tile surface; conduct pointing carefully and evenly and ensure it doesn¡¯t exceed the surface of tiles; in the case of smearing, bush it off after drying and clean the tile surface with sponge.

F.Cleaning and Maintenance: depending on the weather, usually after 30 hours, the tiles can be cleaned by pouring water from the top. In the case of stubborn stains, use special cleaner or hydrochloric acid (2-3% concentration) and wash it off with water right after.


The back dovetail groove of Ceramic tile should be fully filled with mortar. Using of impervious performance good filling materials, after filling process completed, need to put pressure on the mortar joint by spatula. The whole construction process should not be contaminated tile surface. If the joint cannot be filly filled, it is easy to produce white phenomenon, also known as the "Efforescence" phenomenon.

Requirements of other technical measures (efflorescence, waterproof, insulation, anti pull)


Construction method of ceramic external wall tile

The construction of ceramic tiles should use professional low alkalinity ceramic binder, grout, which can prevent the possibility of efflorescence post. To solve the problem of safety, waterproof, insulation, and anti pull,  the following security measures can not be ignored:

1. The fix method for using the ceramic tiles to exterior wall outer thermal insulation system

For the exterior insulation system of the coating layer, the self-weight of the 10kg/m2 is not necessary to consider the shear force between the layers. As long as the base has sufficient adhesion strength, this paste way can meet the security system. For ceramic tile, it must use the adhesion & rivet combination (in German DIBt2) regulations, the self-weight more than 10kg/m2 in the system must be pasted with additional rivet. At the same time, because of the effect of bonding state between protective layer and polystyrene board is also affected by heavy tile, rivet must play in enhancing the grid layer behind!

2, Setting expansion joints

In accordance with the provisions of the German industrial standard DIN18515- No. 6, 5, 3, 3: expansion joints spacing should be 3-6M, the maximum continuous wall area shall not exceed 36m2 (6*6m).

3, The tensile strength of insulation system

Tensile adhesive strength of thermal insulation system for value in Germany recommended: 0.1Mpa ¡Ü tensile strength ¡Ü 0.15Mpa,  Including the tensile bond strength between bonding mortar , plaster mortar, polystyrene board and polystyrene board. (surface finishing system for 0.1Mpa)


Construction method of ceramic external wall tile

4, Mortar and fiberglass mesh cloth (protective layer)

Appropriate to improve the water absorption rate of mortar index (Wt0.5kg/m2h1/2). According to the German DIBt fiberglass mesh fabric finishing surface of external insulation system, the strength requirements: normal 1750 N/5cm, 750 N/5cm of Alkali-resisting; there is no clear provisions for ceramic tile system requirements, but after the theoretical calculation and experiment, experts generally suggested to be increased:  2000 N/5cm, 1000 N/5cm Alkali-resisting.

5, Ceramic tile binder

The adhesive tensile strength of vitrified tile binder should not be less than 0.5Mpa, and it will not be affected after freeze-thaw damage.

6, Ceramic tile grout

Water absorption rate of ceramic tile grout should be¡Ü 0.2kg/m2h1/2. In order to prevent the crack of tile, grout should be flexible.

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