Water Permeable tile









The test items

Standard values

The readings

£¨ Mpa £© The compressive strength

¡Ý 35

¡Ý 50

£¨ Mpa £© Flexural strength

¡Ý 3.5

¡Ý 6.0

£¨ cm/s £© Permeable rate coefficient

¡Ý 2.0 ¡Á 10 -2

¡Ý 3.0 ¡Á 10 -2

Frost resistance

Hot summer and winter region

Frozen cycle 25 times

¡Ü 20%
¡Ü 5 ©L


¡Ü 20%


£¨ mm £© Wear-resisting degree

¡Ü 35


£¨ BPM £© Skid resistance

¡Ý 60


Products Characters
1. Good Water Permeability
      Good water Permeability can process rain quickly, which can sustain 60mm/h precipitation and relieve the workload of sewer and flood discharge stress of city drainage system, meanwhile preventing the city from waterlogging.
2. High water retention
    The porosity of water permeable tile is 20~30%, with better water retention capacitywhich prevents the underground water from drying up and recover the earth natural water storage capability. Meanwhile, this kind of tile can efficiently adjust the area temperature and humidity, improving the environment for plants, eliminating of smog, recovering surface water recycle system and easing the city ¡° Thermal Island Effect¡±
3. Excellent slip resistance
    Because of the rough surface of water permeable tile, the industry BPN value can reach over 70. Together with its water permeability, water storage capacity, the tile helps reduce ponding and slipping, which improves safety and comforts.
4. Effective sound absorption and noise reduction
     The porosity of water permeable tile makes the sound wave stay on the surface of road, causing air movements in small holes or gaps inside of the water permeable tile. The air near the hole surface moves slower due to friction, which in the end weaken the sound wave. This tile can decrease noise by 6~10 db on the road.
5. High strength, crush resistance, antifreeze, weathering resistance
    The manufacturing of water permeable tile includes going through high pressure and high temperature (over 1200oC). It¡¯s significantly stronger than other water permeable materials, with stress bearing capability up to 50Mpa. It won¡¯t freeze to anything above -25oC. It also stands strong against weathering very well, and even strong acid and base.
6. Significant economic value
    Due to its high temperature production process, the tiles are naturally lasting and rich in its color, great flavor for city decoration. As the tiles can be used for multiple times like no other materials, it generates great economic and social value by reducing construction waste.
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